We Shall Rise

CD - Words and Music by David Magiera

We Shall RiseOn May 24, 1998 while singing "In the Spirit" and worshiping the Lord in the shower, a melody, chorus and the first of 40 lines of lyrics (all arriving in rhyme) began to flow into Magiera's heart. He began writing a song that he knew was a message of Heaven. The entire 40 lines of lyrics, melody and chorus was completed in just 3 days. 

In the following days, Magiera began making phone calls looking for someone to record it. Although not endowed with any musical talent or a singing voice, he sang the entire 10-minute song to anyone who would listen.

Later in 1998, the Lord had a couple from Illinois call to order Magiera's sculpture titled, "The Rapture." When the Ten Eyck's heard the melody for the song over the phone they were touched by God and asked if they would be allowed to arrange and record it. Michael and Renita Ten Eyck produced the first version of the song. 

Then in 2016, We Shall Rise was re-imagined. Magiera met Pete Miller who brought together talented musicians for an amazing, creative and spirit-led recording session. At just under 5 minutes, this version captures the elegant harvest message. 

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This is Harvest Revelations - a place where you can find "Harvest Jewels," a collection of words and a path to intimacy inspired by the Father. These words have been received and recorded by David Magiera so that you, too, can experience an intimate dialogue with our beloved Creator. He hopes that you will take these words to heart. Let the voice of God light your path and give you courage and direction. These words will lead you to the "Secret Place of the Most High." 

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